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Canada AM Segment: Advice for a Successful School Year
Guest segment with Janyce Lastman, hosted by Marci Ien.

Canada AM segment: The ABCs of Summer School
Guest segment by Janyce Lastman, hosted by Bev Thompson.

How Do You Feel? How Do I Feel? Suggestions For Books on Emotions That We Can Read with Our Children
By: Janyce Lastman

Hyperlexia: An Overview of Strategies
Canadian Hyperlexia Association (~2002)
Contributors: Keren Abramson, Paula Aquilla, Lynda Beedham, Janis Jaffe-White, Janyce Lastman, Robin Leszner, Reva Schafer, Aviva Spiro

CEDU crisis could mean opportunity, or...?
By: Janyce Lastman, originally posted on, April 7 2005

Troubled teen therapy: What are we doing to our youth?
By: Georgie Binks, March 3 2006

Escort or Abduction: A Different Point of View
By Janyce Lastman, January, 2007

Non-Verbal Learning Disorders: An Overview
By: Janyce Lastman, originally posted on, June 1 2007

Breaking News: Ashby Academy Closes
Response By: Janyce Lastman, September 2007 (page 2)

The Parent Journey Starts with the Baby’s Name
By: Janyce Lastman, originally posted on, November 30 2010

Nonverbal Learning Disorders Association speaker biographies
December 16, 2010

Cell Phone Rules from Parent to Child
Revised 2016, original article February 11, 2013

College Internship Program: Thinking Positive Panel 2013
Segment by Janyce Lastman, May 2013